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“We attained accreditation into QSRMC in 2003 and are still the only volumetric company in the UK to have earned this accreditation.  This gives you peace of mind as to experience, knowledge and products.”

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Concrete Pumping and Line Pumping

Concrete pumping is an essential services for many construction projects in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. When it comes to laying concrete foundations, floors, or walls, the right equipment and expertise are crucial. Whether you need to move concrete horizontally or vertically, our team of professionals have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Our services include concrete line pumping, where we pump concrete through pipes to hard-to-reach areas, and we can recommend boom pump companies that are experts in their field, which allow us to pump concrete directly to the hard to reach construction site.

Our goal is to provide top-quality services that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Whatever the size or complexity of your project, we are here to help.

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Line Pumping

At Easy Mix we specialise in line pumping.  The pump lines run along the ground to where you require the concrete to be poured.  This is a quicker way of transporting your concrete.  It also reduces the need for labour and wheelbarrows.


  • Ideal for awkward access areas
  • No spillage from wheelbarrows
  • Less labour needed

  • Speeds up delivery and saves on waiting time costs

How it works

  • Pump Driver arrives on site and sets up the pipeline along the floor
  • Volumetric mixer turns up and reverses onto the hopper of the pump
  • The mixer mixes the concrete which then feeds through the pump lines exactly where you require it
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