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“We attained accreditation into QSRMC in 2003 and are still the only volumetric company in the UK to have earned this accreditation.  This gives you peace of mind as to experience, knowledge and products.”

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What is Screed

Screed is a levelling compound, put down to ensure all the floor levels in your property are level ready for your choice of flooring to be laid on a level surface.

Screed is a thin layer of sand and cement. We add reinforcing fibres as standard to help equal cohesion, to obtain an equal cohesion a 65mm depth is ideal as per QSRMC guidelines. We also add a retarder which gives you time to get the finished surface required.

Before Laying

Your area should be clean and dust free. You apply a PVA mix to the area, this helps the screed bond with the floor. You can, alternatively, use a cement and water slurry which you would brush on the surface beforehand.

You will need to have a tarpaulin or boards so the screed can be tipped on to it for cleanliness of your drive/area where it can be poured.

Laying Screed

Laying screed can be made to look easy by a good screeder. We would always recommend you use a professional screeder because it is money well spent.

Mix Specifications

We mix a 4:1 and a 5:1 sand and cement mix screed. 

Drying Times

You should leave the screed as long as is practically possible before walking on it.  You should lay planks to walkways in high traffic areas eg. one doorway to another to get across the room should  you need to.

It is recommended that you leave traditional screed to dry at 1mm per day in relation to  the depth of your screed.    You should have good airflow going through the room at all times and do not put the heating on.  This ensures that the natural hydration can take place.  Drying it too fast and can cause  the screed to crack. 

Screeders tell us that in practice they do not leave it this long but this is the guidelines we pass on from QSRMC.


We can deliver up to 7 ton on our tipper.  For larger amounts we can deliver on our volumetric mixers and produce it fresh and in front of you.

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