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“We attained accreditation into QSRMC in 2003 and are still the only volumetric company in the UK to have earned this accreditation.  This gives you peace of mind as to experience, knowledge and products.”

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Health & Safety


Ready Mixed Concrete is a mixture of Aggregate, Cement and Water. Admixtures may be added to improve the handling
characteristics or the properties of the hardened concrete. The resultant mixture is abrasive and alkaline.

Main Hazards

Contact with wet cement mixes such as concrete can cause skin disease:

  • Irritant contact dermatitis can be caused by a combination of the wetness, alkalinity and abrasiveness of the mixture
  • Allergic contact dermatitis occurs where there is an individual sensitivity to chromium compounds that may occur in cement.
  • A form of skin ulceration may result from freshly mixed concrete
    coming into contact with broken skin.


Anyone handling the product should be aware of the above hazards and will significantly reduce the risk by taking the
following sensible precautions:

  • Wear effective protective clothing to reduce to a minimum skin
    contact with the product
  • Where skin contact occurs, whether directly or through saturated clothing, wash thoroughly without delay with clean water.
  • Where eye contact occurs, wash thoroughly without delay with
    clean water.
  • In all cases of doubt, or where symptoms persist, medical advice
    should be obtained.

If you require any further information, Please contact Easy Mix on 01242 - 238 738


Please call us on 01242 238 738 should you wish to discuss any questions.


We are not the most expensive in the area but we do produce some of the best concrete products in the industry and we know this because we have our concrete tested to ensure strengths and this is done by an external accredited laboratory. 

QSRMC dictates that we have to randomly test products that we produce, staying within the conformity requested by QSRMC is the only thing that keeps us in the scheme.  Bad concrete has no place in the scheme hence why we have kept our accreditation so long with their vigorous checks.   We could get BSi accreditation which is easier and cheaper but it is in our opinion not as stringent as what is required by the professional body QSRMC. 

From ordering to delivery we will always ensure to make the process as easy as it should be.

Our pumps carry 60 metres of line as standard, this is approximately 200 foot but we can pump further if required.

There is no minimum, no job is too small but if we deliver less than 1 cubic metre there is a minimum delivery price of 1 cubic metre that we charge to make it viable for us to deliver the product to your job.  If it is viable for you, collection of concrete is available from our yard to keep your costs down.

We will always finish a job so if we need to send another lorry we will as soon as we can.

You will only ever pay for what you use. 

There is no fee for cancelling and re-booking.  There may be a small charge if the lorry is on the way to you to cover time and fuel.

You can wheelbarrow the concrete from the nearest hardstanding that the lorry can park on.

One cubic metre of concrete equates to approximately 22 builders wheelbarrows of concrete. 

One person per cubic metre would be required if you are wheelbarrowing, so if you had 4 metres to pour then ideally you would have 4 wheelbarrows and 4 people.

We have concrete line pumps that you can hire making your job quicker, easier and less messy without the need for intensive labour. 

We are  a similar size to a dustbin cart. 

Height – 12ft 6” (over-hanging tree branches may need cutting down to facilitate the height)

Width – 8ft 4” (not including the mirrors – standard HGV)

They are 15ft in a straight line, they do pivot 180 degrees and at the furthest angle you lose approximately 3ft in reach so that reduces the chute extension down to 12 foot.

8 wheelers are approximately 38.4 ton fully loaded carrying 8 cubic metres of raw materials

6 wheelers are approximately 32 ton fully loaded carrying 8 cubic metres of raw materials


Screed is a levelling compound, put down to ensure all the floor levels in your property are level ready for your choice of flooring to be laid on a level surface.

Screed is a thin layer of sand and cement.  We add reinforcing fibres as standard to help equal cohesion, to obtain an equal cohesion a 65mm depth is ideal as per QSRMC guidelines.  We also add a retarder which gives you time to get the finished surface required.

We mix a 4:1 and a 5:1 sand and cement mix screed

Screed is generally delivered in our 12 ton tipper.  If you require more than 7 ton of screed then the concrete lorry will deliver this to you depending on access.


Aggregates are delivered on a 12 ton tipper or Hiab if you are requesting 1 ton bags.

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